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 The evolution of travel insurance distribution channels

The evolution of travel insurance distribution channels

#travel #insurance distribution is really complex and travel insurance providers need to be fast and flexible with the right channel : OTA’s, Aggregators, Airline, travel agencies, …

Inbsys International got the right artificial intelligence technology for travel insurance providers

International Travel & Health Journal – Selling peace of mind to today’s travellers

Robyn Bainbridge explores how travel insurance distribution channels are evolving, and looks at what made the overall transition to digital necessary

It’s hard to talk about anything these days without also talking about coronavirus – and that even extends to travel insurance distribution channels. Over the past year alone, the landscape of travel insurance has changed dramatically. Customer centricity has become a crucial consideration when designing new travel insurance products, as has the focus on enhanced digital offerings. Indeed, both have played a pivotal role in ensuring the endurance of the travel insurance market during these difficult times …

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