Save IT time and IT costs!

The insurance provider just focus how to win new business, without having a look on technical constraints.

Productive technologies

Conceptual Data model

Our Conceptual Data Model is business oriented thanks to our powerful workflows and to all cases we were in charge with 20 years experience

gds integration ready

Our connection with all GDS is already done. 3 technologies for all GDS:A-TA for Amadeus, TiBI for Sabre, and TiBi for Travelport.

Inbsys gets the job done

We connect you

Inbsys connects insurance providers with its API to Inbsys platform, and gives access to any channel needed.

HUB For travel insurance

Once the insurance provider is connected to our platform, its product offer can be available for sales simultaneously whatever the channel: B2B, B2B Online, B2C

« In a few weeks, new OTA's and Airlines distribute travel insurance products. »