Save Time and IT costs!

Inbsys is a hub for travel insurance distribution

Once the insurance provider is connected to our platform, its product offer can be available for sales simultaneously whatever the channel: B2B, B2B Online, B2C

The insurance provider just focus how to win new business, without having a look on technical constraints.

Inbsys does the job to connect you into its platform, you don't have to spend IT time on integration project. Your product offer can be available for sales in a few weeks for travel agencies, Online travel agencies and Airlines

Once you are connected to our platform, you can enjoy all channels: B2C, B2B Online, B2B. We are integrated into GDS systems, and you can be available into these platforms in 30 days!

In IT and technologies, it is not so easy to be flexible, and business opportunities needs reactivity and flexibility with plannings. With Inbsys technologies, you will have less technical constraints because our technologies are flexible and ready to get a new channel!

Your customer always ask for new features and more productivity. Inbsys technologies offer all in one features with our apps and plugins. Thanks to PNR integration, the travel agent does not have to re-enter travel data to price a quotation. An Online travel agency can directly add new insurance content in its website in a couple of days.

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Since 2015, Inbsys International provides technologies to make e-business easier for its partners. We work with all GDS leaders, and provide new technologies in travel insurance market.



Web App

App fully integrated into Amadeus system with PNR Integration. Cryptic and graphic interface.


Web app & .Net plugin  

App fully integrated into Sabre & Travelport with PNR Integration. Stand Alone version (Without PNR).



JavaScript Widget for quick & easy integration into Online Travel Agencies & Airlines website.