Travel insurance is taking off!

Travel agencies needs very productive tools

Traveler needs changed a lot from the last 12 months!

Covid-19 broke the rules, and travel industry must adapt to this new deal. Travel agencies will be more representative because travelers need more information than before.


Booking insurance policies is really important and must be productive and going fast from travel agent's desktop!

You need a travel insurance booking flow totally integrated into your travel booking flow! Don't go in another workspace. Inbsys technologies allow you to book travel insurance in an automated way inside GDS workspace with PNR integration.

Through the same sales workflow, once you have booked the trip for the traveler, you can add travel insurance from the same booking interface.

Your commissions are fully integrated.

The trip information are extracted from the PNR with a deep integration. And if there is a missing information for your travel insurance workflow, you can add it through our app and it will update the PNR. The insurance information are updated with the insurance segment created in GDS Back office.

Your travel insurance provider can be available on your favorite GDS workspace with Inbsys technologies. And it can be done in a couple of weeks. Just let us know how we can be in touch with him and we will let him know how it works.

Need more!

Since 2015, Inbsys International provides technologies to make e-business easier for its partners. We work with all GDS leaders, and provide new technologies in travel insurance market.

We have 20 years experience in travel insurance booking systems for travel agencies



Web App

App fully integrated into Amadeus system with PNR Integration. Cryptic and graphic interface.


Web app

App fully integrated into Sabre Red 360 with PNR Integration. Stand Alone version (Without PNR).


.Net plugin

App fully integrated into Travelport Smartpoint Galileo with PNR Integration. Stand Alone version (Without PNR).