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INBSYS International
At the heart of eDistribution of Travel Insurance
INBSYS connects your insurance product offer to the Travel e-commerce platforms and allows distribution all over the world.
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The strengths of INBSYS' solutions

Our priority is to make ebusiness easier for our partners, respecting user experience and products specificities.


GDS are our partners to deliver the best experience in booking Travel insurance for Travel agents. Inbsys got 3 technologies to provide travel insurance into GDS platforms.

Insurance providers

Insurance providers can be connected to any channel in a couple of weeks. We can provide a connection through web services or via Hosting.

Experience in travel insurance distribution: Insurance providers connection, Insurance products specification, GDS integration and user interface

Why Inbsys technologies?


Travel insurance automatically tailored to customers trips whatever channel and country.


Quick data exchange and overperform travel insurance market. Easy to use for end users.


Quick access for Insurance providers to new travel marketplaces around the world.


For insurance providers

Inbsys platform is a Hub for Travel Insurance Distribution. Once travel insurance provider is connected

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For Travel agencies

Travel agent can book, print and distribute insurance policies In just a few minutes Fully integrated into GDS system, key

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For Airlines & OTA’s

Widget is totally free. Simple and Quick Integration in to B2C website. Interface Multi Insurance providers and multi currencies Instant

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