J-Query Travel insurance widget

J-TiBi Workflow and PNR integration

A simple widget that collects all insurance contents and functions (pricing, booking, policy terms, insurance certificate and email notification).


The traveller can book online an insurance policy with its trip through the same website in a few clicks !
He receives an email notification with all documents.

AIRLINES & ota's

Enhance your sales workflow with insurance contents.
In option, the insurance information can be stored in GDS Back Office.

Fast & easy integration into Airline & OTA Webpage!

A simple widget that collects all insurance functions (pricing, booking, policy terms, insurance certificate and email notification).

Our Workflow

J-TiBi is a Web Plugin using J-Query that allows OTA’s & Airlines to be connected to INBSYS front-office services and display insurance content according to traveller selection and Insurance providers rules.

1 single JQuery object quick and easy to install in a website with all embedded insurance services (products description, prices, term & conditions content, issuing insurance policy, insurance information available for PNR integration…).


One single Json request

All travel data and passengers’ details are used in Json flow as input parameter.

Automatically generated

Insurance product offer displayed on the web page in 3 different ways with prices, description, terms & conditions.

Business rules respected

All cross control and insurance provider’s business rules are embedded.

Insurance booking

Insurance policy issued and sent by email to the traveler.

PNR integration

All insurance information sent back to the web site for PNR integration.


Why J-TiBi?

Simple and Quick Integration

1 developer within 2 or 3 days maximum.

Dynamically displayed

from Insurance provider’s system through its Api.

Multi management

Multi Insurance providers, multi currencies & multi languages.

New insurance offer

Add or switch to a new insurance provider (in a couple of hours) without technical constraints.

Graphic user interface

automatically generated in 3 different fully customizable ways.