Travelport Smartpoint

Travelport Smartpoint

Book travel insurance with TIBI (Travel Insurance Booking Interface)

Integrated into the Smartpoint SDK, TIBI allows travel agencies to book insurance in an automated way directly within Travelport Smartpoint with just 2 mouse clicks.

Simple and profitable, the agencies can boost its revenues with commissions as hight as 40% and increase customer loyalty at the same time.

Working with TIBI…

TIBI offers a wide range of insurance products, whatever the currency and the language, from many insurance providers around the world.

Examples of insurance products available:

  • Trip cancellation.
  • Damaged or lost luggage.
  • Repatriation, Medical assistance.
  • Complementary, Multi-risk and more...

Agencies can protect travelers against any trip-related risks with travel insurance cover automatically tailored to their trip and increase its revenues with generous commissions at the same time.
And all with just 2 mouse clicks from TIBI app inside Travelport Smartpoint!

Download the TIBI Smartpoint (TM) Plugin Here