INBSYS Services

INBSYS ServicesBeyond the display of the insurance companies’ product offers on various distribution channels (The GDS solution, The Travel Agent solution, The XBE Web service solution), Wings provides the insurance companies with a certain number of services  in order to make their usual administrative tasks easier such as :

  • The issue of policy numbers specific to the insurance company.
  • The definition of policy files personalized according to the format requested by the insurance companies that can thus integrate them into their internal management systems. It has the opportunity to receive the policies subscribed either in real time or in a batch process.
  • Opening and closing of travel agencies according to the needs.
  • Update of commercial and insurance features pages.
  • Possibility to consult or receive statistics or reports such as weekly sales reports per product or travel agency, monthly sales reports per product or travel agency including or not the recorded turnover

All services available on our web site can be accessed thanks to an encrypted link. Each contributor has got an individual identified account that allows to trace the accesses in case of problem.